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A Commentary on Robert Stolorow (2011)

A Commentary on Robert Stolorow (2011). From Mind to World, From Drive to Affectivity: A Phenomenological–Contextualist Psychoanalytic Perspective. ATTACHMENT: New Directions in Psychotherapy and Relational Psychoanalysis, Vol. 5, March 2011: pp. 1–14. (La versión española de este comentario fue publicada el 12-12-12).
Carlos Rodríguez Sutil
One of the most important features of the work done by Robert D. Stolorow and collaborators is that it is a well philosophical informed work, in a great and courageous contrast with the classical Freudian position (see Orange, 2010, 2011; Orange Atwood and Stolorow, 1997; Stolorow, 2007, 2011; Stolorow and Atwood, 1992). Traditional Freudian theory is pervaded by the Cartesian ‘myth of the isolated mind’. Freud’s psychoanalysis expanded the Cartesian mind, the unextended ‘thinking thing’, to include a vast unconscious realm. Intersubjective-systems theory emphasizes that all such forms of unconsciousness are constituted in relational contexts. Stolo…